Getting started

I’m following instructions from “AutoTrade API Access Granted” email but it’s not working. I first went to the random signals Test System here:

Then I clicked AutoTrade and selected “AutoTrade Software Development” and then "AutoTrade Test Client (Gen 1)"

Then in Firefox I entered

With my correct C2 email and password of course.

Firefox responded: "Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at

From a command shell, I also tried pinging and but got "request could not find host"

What am I doing wrong?

Hi, Greg:

The AutoTrade servers are down on Saturday, but will return on Sunday afternoon. Sorry this is not documented clearly.



I have it working now, thanks.

Here’s some more undocumented stuff you might want to add:

1. Additional fields returned by cmd=latestsigs in the signal packet:

String wasParkedUntilWhen;

String wasParkedUntilHumanTime;

String conditionaUponPermId;

2.Can you add example data between tags <ocachanges></ocachanges>

3. Same request between tags <fillinforeceived></fillinforeceived>

4. Why is <completedtrades> data organized differently than others?

5. How to turn off emails sent by test system?

6. You had previously told me that must have dedicated IB account for C2 systems. I see no reason can’t be differentiated programmatically. Is that just a Trader68/TradeBullet requirement?