Can't get the sync to turn off

More accurately I can see the sync check and clicked it to turn is back off, but now it will not go off. I have canceled and re initiated auto trade several time, but I can not get sync to go off.

And not having the information to PM Mathew, where did the "Contact US" section go?

Currently for Gen3 AutoTrading, we don’t allow AutoSync to be turned off. When sync is turned off, that’s a problem that needs to be addressed, not a feature. There really are very few cases in which anyone would want to turn Sync off, and that’s why we don’t have a user-controlled switch for that feature.

So now one has to dedicate that account entirely to C2?

Before I had other trades in my account as well.

I think you mean dedicate the entire account at the broker?

If so, it seems originally (at OEC, anyway) that the account was supposed to be entirely dedicated to the autotrading and you couldn’t do any manual trading. But then it seems like someone said maybe not, so that is actually something good to clarify here…

I have traded an OEC account through a broker.

OEC still charged the 1.99 per side C2 fee for manual trades but my broker got them to reversed those charges for me, so yes you can trade in an account that you have linked to C2 Gen 3. But you will have to haggle with them about the charges because they apply apply C2 charges as a blanket to any trade in a C2 linked account no matter how the trade was initiated, but then they will take it off your manual trades when you let them know.

They just are not set up to charge each trade individually within an account by method of initiation yet, even though they have the information to do so.

Unless OEC has changed something in the last couple of days then this may be stale news.

If you want to use Gen3 AutoTrading you need to devote your brokerage account to it. This is because if you place a "manual" trade in your account, AutoSync will be shut down and bad things will happen as a result.

The brokers we work with make it easy for you to open a subaccount dedicated to autotrading (or a subaccount dedicated to manual trading – it depends on how you look at it).

I must strongly urge you not to try to mix manual trading in your AutoTrading brokerage account.

Worked fine before you made sync so hard to turn off.