Can't subscribe

I’m trying to subscribe for ‘FX pure view’, but after putting in my credit card get the following message: "This trading system is no longer supported."

It closed a trade two days ago so I doubt the system shut down. Any idea of how to fix this?

The developer killed the system after having a payment conflict with C2. No one is allowed to subscribe. It happened a few days ago. I think C2 leaves the system up for historical records and so the developer can’t get rid of his track record.

While it’s true the developer killed his system, I am unaware of any “conflict” of any kind. No one from C2 has had any communication with the developer that I am aware of.

@ Mat…

Before I publish a system I would like to be able to get some sort of information on subscription rates. Why is this so hard to find?? Or is it something that you just won’t release. I have read many threads on this forum and it seems anyone who asks about or poses a question about this directly to you is ignored…Why is this??

Hi, Andrew:

Your question is a good one. It’s asked quite often. And it has been answered a lot too, on these forums. But - to support your point - I suppose I have not answered it recently, and some of those old forum posts are hard to find.

We don’t currently release subscriber numbers for each system. There are all sorts of reasons for this. Some are obvious, some less so. Part of the reason is that we don’t want to create self-fulfilling prophesies and weird feedback loops (i.e. systems with lots of subscribers garner even more, while good systems without subscribers languish). But I have tried to make available more aggregate data that aids transparency. For example, you can click through any of the trades on the “closed trades” section to see how many shares or contracts are being autotraded in real, live brokerage accounts. Since autotraders make up only a fraction of all subscribers, you can extrapolate from there.

I have also tried to provide some reasonably helpful aggregate data. For example, a few months ago, we ran a user profile of a system developer which did give some detailed revenue numbers ( ).

But I think the ultimate question you want answered is: Should I bother to put my system on C2? Can I make decent money?

The answer to this is that yes you can. But you need to have a good system. It takes work to run a good system for the length of time that is probably required to start getting attention (at least 3 months, probably longer). You’ll need to be available to answer questions, etc.

But to the question: Can I make money on C2? The answer is, yes, indeed. Many system developers do quite well.

In the upcoming months we’ll be adding some new stats and features which may please you, and which will reveal even more details along the lines you are requesting. But for now, I can say with great sincerity that if you build a good system, you will get subscribers. Build a great system and you will make a very nice amount of money.


Thank you for your response…

The developer did in fact send a private message to all subscribers explaining why he killed the system. I forwarded the message to you.

I partially agree with Matt’s point of view. It is true that subscribers might just go along with other subscribers and subscribe to the most popular system. I would be so afraid of slippage that I wouldn’t trade on popular systems unless it traded on highly liquid assets. C2 does allow the limitation of subscribers to prevent this, but is not based on anything except at the discretion of the developer. It is a good feature if the developer applies it correctly.

I once suggested to C2 a category base system. Instead of telling you the actual number of subscriber, it would say:

1-25 subscribers




It would give you an idea without telling the actual number, plus multiple system would fall in the same category.

C2 could even name the category.

1-25 - Standard

25-100 - Popular

100-250 - Very Popular

250+ - Exceptionally Popular

Additionally, it could use a 30 day moving average of paid subscribers, since subscribers come and go.

This could also be done for auto traders. I think this would be more beneficial than not. It’s an additional stat to help potential members subscribe to a system.

Another Idea would be to add the popularity of the system to the C2 score!!! if not already doing it so.


Thanks for the good info Matt.