Changing a published trade

How can we change a just published trade?

That is, hoiw can we add a stop loss after the opening?

Is it possible to insert a stop loss expressed in percent related to the opening price?

Not having UNIX, how can we say in API :execute this order at this time? or after x minutes from opening?

Many thanks

You can enter a stop loss after the order has been entered (or after the trade has been filled). Simply post a new order with an order type of “Stop” (or limit), and specify that stop price.

You also asked how you can pre-enter a stop loss based on the entry price that you eventually receive. There is currently no way to do that before the entry order has been executed (and have the logic reside on the C2 server). You would need to use the API and have your program determine what the entry price was, and then subsequently post a follow-up stop-loss. (Or, alternately, you could manually enter the stop loss into the Web site once you see the fill you received on the entry.)