Relative to open price stop loss

I see some very old discussions on this with a “T-5” type notation, but can’t figure out if there is a currently supported way to enter a stop loss in WebTrader set at an amount in reference to the price attained with the trade.

So I enter a MOO (a fake one using a park as I can’t find a way to enter a real MOO) and want a stop loss $4 below whatever entry price I get (the amount is exemplary only). Alternatively, I’ve seen references to a system wide stop loss as a percent. That would work great as well but can’t find any current references to it.

Hi, jTrader -

Yes, we previously supported these types of orders (what we called “relative orders,” i.e. telling C2 to “put a stop loss at -$5 whatever entry price I receive”) but we stopped supporting them a few years back. I would like to bring them back, when I have the bandwidth.

So, for now, the answer is: “Not supported.” But with the caveat of “Maybe they will be again.”

Thanks, Matthew, for the update. Is there any way to implement a system wide stop loss percentage (some sort of failsafe stop loss that is configurable)?