Stop loss

is it possible to add stop loss to opened trade?

i have short aud/usd that curently in profit and would like to add stop loss at breakeven,can i do that? thank you

Just enter a new order, type STOP, trigger at entry price.

so i should check sell to open ,then type aud/usd, but i can’t figure out where this line goes:STOP, trigger at entry price? in a comment window?

If you bought 100 shares of IBM at $20, then to place a stop at break-even you select:

(on top): Stocks

(on the left): Sell to Close

Quantity: 100

Symbol: IBM

(on the right): Stop

in the field that appears when you select Stop (the trigger price): 20

and click Submit.

Replace values with your own. If you initially sold short, then (on the left) becomes Buy to Close.