How do adjust the TP on the c2 web site?

Why is it after you set the trade and take profit level, there is no place to edit the trade and change the take profit level?

Bruce - what you want to do is what is called a “cancel-and-replace” in typical broker lingo.

On your C2 order screen, you’ll see a list of “working” orders. Let’s say one of these orders is the stop-loss you want to change. You simply click XRPLC next to the stop you want to change. It will then let you change the stop price, which will effectively cancel the old stop-loss and replace it with a new one.

Of course something similar can be done with your working profit-target orders as well.


Mr Klein, I tried to change my stop by clicking on the REPLACE button on the order screen but this operation only closes the position immediately!

It happened twice already, the first time with a long position on the AUD/CHF (yesterday) and today with a short position on the GBP/NZD (costing me over 200 pips of unrealized profits so far).

I could not find any information on how to change the stop or the take profit after a position has been initiated ( I had to google for this topic).

Please advise.

Thank you very much.

Hi, Bruce:

I reconstructed what you did by looking at the server logs, and it appears you didn’t type in a new stop price in the correct place.

Let me show you a sequence of screen shots based on my own actions on a my own test strategy.

First, I enter the initial short trade for GBPNZD, just as you did, with the initial stop loss of 2.3358:

Now, I have a short position with the initial stop-loss:

Now, let’s imagine I want to change my stop loss. I hit the “Replace” button:

Now, an order ticket is pre-filled for me. I need to change the stop loss as follows:

Finally I hit SUBMIT.

You can see the original order is canceled, and the new one has replaced it.

From the logs, it appears you did not replace the “STOP” field after hitting REPLACE. Give it another try when you are ready to replace your next order, and I am sure it will work for you.

Oh I see, we have to change/replace the stop loss in the STOP box, not the SL (Stop Loss) box, the pink one on the upper right corner!

Ok, I get it now.

And how do you change the Take Profit, which box should we use?

Thank you so much :smile:

For Take Profit, you would analogously use the LIMIT box.

Thanks again for these clarifications, everything is clear now, have a good weekend.
(By the way, Bruce is the original poster).