Changing orders of active positions

Is it possible to change a stop loss or profit target levels on an active order. I cannot find any info on the site how to do this and cannot work out from the order tickets how to amend the orders. Thanks

If I understand your question correctly, you are asking how to change an order that is already entered and is currently in a "working" state.

The answer is to use the REPLACE button, which you will see to the right of every working order. Just press it, and then the order ticket will be populated by the current version of the order you want to change. Then, within the order ticket, you can change whatever it is you need to change (e.g. stop price, or limit price). Then hit SUBMIT.

Viola! Your old order will be canceled and then replaced with the new order.

thanks for the reply.

I have 1 working long position, it already had a stc limit (entered at the time of entry). I have added a stc stop. Is this automatically linked to the open position?? Lets say the limit is hit first. Am I correct in thinking the remaining stc stop order will die (as no longer a position) or will this need to be manually cancelled?

In general, C2 will be smart enough to figure out that if a position is closed, an "orphaned" Sell-to-Close (or Buy-to-Cover) order will be canceled.