Choosing a "Business Model"

Hi C2,

My business model is:

Free subscription

Charge only on profit

(by % of profit)

Is there an option for this in your registration menu?

Pardon me for stepping in here Matthew;

If you were to charge a % of profit, then you would need to know how much profit the system generated for the client. This would entail getting brokerage statements from the client. (I don’t know too many clients who would share that information with a signal service!) C2 brokers signal sales between vendors and clients. A signal (or series of signals) can have a discrete value which you can set. Per trade, per period, per period if profitable, etc. There is no way to track how many contracts a futures trading client is executing against your signals - you basically have to decide what business you want to be in. If you want to sell signals, then determine a price for your signals and use one of Matthew’s models (on the system setup page). If you want to get a percentage of the profit, then lease your system to a hedge fund, or become a prop trader, or become a trading advisor and trade your client’s accounts yourself. If you wish to do one of the latter, but need a track record, then either trade your own money, or use C2 but set your subscription fee to a level where no one will want to pay it - that way, you don’t dilute your signals. If it performs really well, hedge funds will call - I know.

Thanks Mauro

I am only into forex for about three years a self taught trader.

I have research and tested a strategy that will consistently make money in this market. I have started “forex trading factory” where I combine my 20 yrs of maufacturing with forex traidng and design a emotionless trading strategy. I do not do the actual trading, I am kind of like an agent linking client to the “factory”. The factories are started and trained by me personally.

Frankly, at 48 I missed the internet superhighway. Just knowing the basic and also not really deep into forex trading software.

I basically have novice traders in China (like factory operators) watching charts for entry and exit signals and they trade with strict rule and a tight budget. The operators watching charts (chartist) and the order entry operatiors are no the same person. I understand this can be done by some automatic software that do mechanical trading. If I can understand how this SW work, I would like ti link my signal to execute trades automatically and test out how my strategy works. So I can elimates the operators and concentrates on my chartist performance. I am very ecited about my new found business BUT unfortunately am not able to tap it wealth to the fullest yet.

I am trying to get a website up and learn how get explosure with search engine to draw clients. Also to be an IB and get my “China factory” to do proprietary trading and generate income.

Now I am running mini accounts and I am able to gain compounded gain at 40-50% each month. And I am paid 50% of the profit diorectly from brokerage (I trade my client with power of atthorney) and rebates at $1 per roundtrip for mini.

I am trying to see how C2 can be my independance auditor of my signals. As you say hedge fund in Germany are look at me and now all I need is get my trading record audited.

Any advise for me, Sir.

Contact me offline; - this discussion doesn’t really belong in here.