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Thinking of becoming a signal provider... can I get some feedback here?

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@KurtWagner1983, welcome…typically people will wait till at least 3 to 6 months before subscribing to a strategy because of alot of short run strategies in the past that have made money short term but ended up losing everything after the 6 months.

The subscription fee is a bit high to start but if you have low drawdowns and don’t average down trades and still make consistent profits I would say you will tempt some subscribers.

Good luck! But be forewarned that you are not the first to make such claims of profits…lol

@KurtWagner1983, let me add that if you are so successful with your strategy why are you worried about making money from subscriber fees when you can easily make 10k with 2 contracts monthly as you claim you can do?

  1. It’s not too much when you can generate profit average 5%/month with Max DD about 10% (approximate).
  2. Why don’t you sell your signals on both C2 and MT5?

Because of:

  1. It deserves its good strategy.
  2. Why does he not earn more money while he does not need to work more?

@Swing-Trader, anyone that can lay claims of making that much money with 1 contract can easily multiply that by 10 times with 10 contracts. Why even bother with C2? lol

There have been many claims of such returns here at C2.

But I wish @KurtWagner1983 all the best and hope he can do it.

  1. Not everyone has enough initial capital to “multiply that number by 10 times with 10 contracts”.
  2. We are here to make money. Nobody “bother with C2”.

@Swing-Trader, if someone can make that much on 1 contract they ‘should’ be able to make that capital in less than 1 year…lol

Think about it 5k with 1 contract per month. After 2 months is 10k in capital. With that 10k in capital you can trade 2 contracts or more and make 10k in 1 month etc.

Its the fabulous claims of making 5k per month with 1 contract that is amazing

Yes. Maybe today is the first day of the year :grinning:… LOL…

Lol…well anyways @Swing-Trader, I wish him good luck!

Just so you know @KurtWagner1983, backtested results are hard to replicate during live market conditions.

Because they are curve fitted using parameters that are fitted for the historical data.

But I really do hope you can produce your simulated results. :+1:

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Three month wonder.
Almost start to miss these guys.

Matthew will kill the thread, unfortunately. As he killed one already.

making 400% in a month with algo trading doesn’t work in C2 or in the real world. because most backtest or simulation software doesn’t take in midpoint or bid/ask spread, only take in final executed as your point of reference. so 90% of the result is already out the window in the real world, but 40% return per month is still pretty good. again scalping strategies doesn’t work at c2, because autotrading is placed as Market order, so the slippage is what you trying to scalp. most of your subscribers will end up losing money in most scalping/HFT strategies.

You need to include commission on that so you can get a real picture of what you are looking at, you are doing 50 to 100 trades a day, that will be expensive man.

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