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Closing EScalade


I hope you stay, I find your system promising, I don’t mind at all that the first trade after my recent subscription was a loser. As Matthew said, block the trolls from your PM and ignore all complainers and let the system speak for itself. I also agree with DZ, a little thicker skin is required in this business.


Much love from me Heath, hope you will change your mind and stay positive. You were a positive spirit. Hit me up on pm if you need a direct chat!


Keep in mind - subscribers here exist momentarily…sad but true. I actually looked at all the subscribers I ever had and I checked when did they logged on C2 last time. I can say many of them are not using C2 anymore

So dont take anything personally - sometimes its just the frustration showing up… although from your limited track record there is nothing to complain about wrt performance… whether system is good or bad - only time will tell.

I am very much interested in your system because I dont believe that kind of return to drawdown ratio is sustainable when your win ratio is so high. Prove me wrong :wink:


I don’t want to sound condascending, but in my experience, sometimes, you just need to challenge yourself to handle these situations. Let’s face it - trolls are here to stay for the foreseable, whether on C2 or any of the other mainstream social platforms.

The ability to ignore, and ‘grow thicker skin’ often takes time, and varies from individual to individual. And that is okay.

I would advise you don’t give up/quit, but instead develop the skill (just like trading in some respects) to ‘live’ with certain elements of life and use that as a basis to grow stronger from.

There are some really good, encouraging, and constructive people (in terms of criticism) on here, such as DZ - good experienced fellow traders. See the bright side from there.

And… Good luck!


:face_with_monocle: And I tip my hat to you sir!


Don’t give up! There is a lot of trolls out there, just ignore them.


Ethos, are u in anyway related to thanos?:grin:


Lol…wow! Good catch there @FarhanSaadiq! :thinking:


@FarhanSaadiq, you made my day, thinking of changing the alias :grin:


Two conditions for thanos to not be identified - 1) keep quiet and 2) dont start a system. Otherwise will be identified easily especially if first condition is violated :grin:


Please don’t quit sharing your strategy due to comments. You don’t even need to respond, just keep performing well for the rest of us.


Why did you go private already? You still getting hassled? lol


This is what he said in his broadcast.

Attention - all subscribers to EScalade:

Heath, the manager of EScalade, has instructed us to broadcast the following message to all subscribers:

Everyone, I have decided to close my systems. While I will continue to trade them myself, I am just seeing too much of a difference between my trades and yours. Where I am down around $300 over the last several trades (in EScalade), most of you are down much more than that and I just don’t want to put you all or me through that anymore. Maybe in the future the mirroring of trades can be better, but I am just not happy with the way it is trading.


Thanks @Biks, its odd that there should be that much of a discrepancy? I have used platform transmit before and there are some slight differences but not so much…more lag than anything else which is why scalping is hard to do.

I’ve never used brokertransmit before so I can’t comment on that.


Was he running a scalping system?
If so then I totally feel his pain and understand.

If not, then I’m not really sure this makes sense. Especially because first he said he was leaving due to harassment.

Either way. Fare thee well. System had insane leverage anyway.


If you look at his trade history and also his description from his earlier posts, his system typically had 2-3 point profit targets and 5-8 point stops in the ES contract. I don’t know if that really qualifies as scalping or not.


closed?opened?closed? opened? which is it? I thought emotional stability is an important criteria for a good trader whom one can trust

I see that two losing trades changed the system statistic lot - 2 point winners and 6-8 point losers will do exactly that

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