Closing EScalade

I hate to do this, but I am closing EScalade. I am getting bombarded with negative comments and questions to the point it just isn’t worth it. I started on here to try and help people out and have some people to chat with during the trading day, but the negativity is more than I can take. Can’t even imagine what would happen if my strategy ever actually dropped a decent amount.
I can see why there are not many profitable systems here. Good traders don’t need all this crap. I am working with C2 to see about giving subscribers their money back. I told them to empty out my account so I don’t receive a penny from anyone. Waiting to hear back from them but wanted anyone out there to know to not subscribe to EScalade.

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@Heath, not sure what you meant by “bombarded by alot of negative comments” since I have seen only 1 comment in your previous thread in the last 2 weeks. The reason for some negativity is that there have been a lot of scammers and failed strategies in the past.

Its normal to question a strategy when someone posts it up on the threads. If you have just developed the strategy without posting it in the threads first no one would have commented or noticed probably.

As for questions, I think its normal to ask the strategy owner questions don’t you think?

C2 will not refund subs what you took from them since they would have to refund their fees too and thats probably too messy.

Why don’t you just stick it through for another month or two to help recoup their fees lost?

Anyways, whatever you decide is up to you. Good luck!


WTF? Didn’t see that one coming.

Not sure why people care so much about “negative comments”. You don’t have to answer to anyone man. Just run your money your way. If people want to invest, great. If not, who cares. If people are pissed or have questions you can simply say “sorry, I don’t answer questions, take your money elsewhere”. If your strategy is truly good, people will invest with you even if you don’t say a word.

I actually liked watching your system, as insanely leveraged as it was.

Random PM’s and forum posts by complete strangers? Man you gotta grow thicker skin in this business my friend.

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You didn’t see the private messages I have been receiving. Questions are fine and expected; belittling me just because they can is more than I should have to put up with. Hiding behind a keyboard and just spouting off things is part of the problem in society today, but I digress.

“Man you gotta grow thicker skin in this business my friend”
Uh, no I don’t. Just not going to do it any more and will just trade my own money.

Wow…thats interesting about the PM. I would just ignore them.

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Could you show us some examples? Sounds horrifying

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Exactly. Who cares. Don’t owe anything to anyone.

“You all say the same **** all the time but you are just a loser trader that can’t make it on your own so you come here to take everyone else’s money. Seen ***holes like you come and go on here a hundred times.”

Hmm…maybe that was from a competing developer? Or it may have come from a disgruntled sub that lost a lot of money in the past?

Maybe you could have reported that to C2.

I just know my day was a lot more fun before I came on here and started trading my system. Just watching my own account and not having to worry about anything or anyone else is what I want to get back to. That’s all.

Well good luck. I doubt C2 will refund your subs so you may have to refund them directly.

HAHAHAHA! I would have gotten a good laugh at that as a developer.

Seriously though, who care what some douchebag on a keyboard you don’t even know said?

Doubt your subs will get “reimbursed”. Quitting now actually makes it look like a quick “smash and grab” to me.

If they won’t refund the subsciptions I will just have to keep trading on here and not answer any questions from anyone expect my followers and subscribers. Like DogZebra said, thick skin I guess. I am not going to take anyone’s money just because others here have the IQ of a rock.

This is part of the problem. I literally don’t want to take a penny from any of the subscriptions I have received, and just about all of them have made a good bit of money already. Just assuming I am a “smash and grab” sorta guy is wrong.

Well, that’s too bad, hope you change your mind.

I have you on my watchlist as very promising C2-system,
but for me it’s still a little bit too early to invest real money.

you already made your system private or to some state which we cant see… so no clue if there is a reason for subscribers to vent.

secondly I am here for about year and a half (i used to have have more than 50 customers combined on qfund and trademate systems) and i never really bad experiences from subscribers. sometimes they cry about losing trades but mostly because they were losing much more in other systems. only issue i had ever was with one stupid subscriber who waited for a small drawdown and then threatened to take all customers away if i did not give him systems for free since he said he had ‘influence on others’ through some emailing group (i put him in his place and i kicked him out from my system myself which probably he did not expect!)

just ignore the messages all together if it is not worth answering to. imagine if you are really managing others money as a fund manager - you dont have a choice not to reply in such case! in fact you should be prepared for such situations

I actually didn’t make it private, I just locked the number of subscribers to what I had (14), so I wouldn’t get any new ones. I then realized it made it look like I put it to private and didn’t want anyone here to jump to any conclusions (like you just did) and took the subscription limit off. This is exhausting.

Heath, just FYI - you can block messages from people who annoy you. If you need guidance on how to do so, just send a quick note to the help desk and we’ll walk through it with you.

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Thank you! I will do that.