TRADEPRO - What happened?

After dropping some truth bombs, my thread got locked down. Feel free to review:

LOL. The only people trolling are:

  1. Those who are not sub’d to strategies with live money
  2. Those whose strategies are blatantly atrocious
  3. Freebies sub’ing to strats for simulation benefits

in short - a bunch of losers.

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Please stop Mr. Tradepro, there was a reason that Matthew closed the thread.



Seems like TradePRO got triggered hard.
Calling potential subs losers is a losing strat (pun intended). :slight_smile:


TradePRO should spend less time on the forums and more time actually making ‘money’ in his systems.
He might actually get subscribers then. :wink:


I’m literally not worried about it. Again, in last thread this guy also balked up:

Give me a break. Another 22% drawdown on one trade. Keep chasing returns people!

Also… the entire point is that all the people talking here are in fact NOT potential subs in any way.

Don’t believe me?

Step 1 - Sagor

No subscriptions.

Step 2 - DogZebra

No subscriptions

Step 3 - SoftCapital

You do have a few. However, one of them is “capitalize on volatility” which is shorting options completely naked and taking advantage of the C2 margin loopholes. Which is not C2s fault by the way. The trader should adjust.

so in short thats 2 for 3 right here… yeah, I won’t ever use these forums again!

Good luck.

Edit: also the sagor guy has scaled all the strategies down or they are already very low min. deposits. he couldn’t afford my strategies anyway - nothing wrong with that, but in a way 3 for 3 then!

why are you still here then? lol :smiley:

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Sounds controversial to your actions. Why did you open new thread?

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Uh, buddy, I had a half dozen subscribers, as well as dozens who took advantage of a free trial.
They don’t show up because it was long ago. I also stopped running two systems years ago, and the other one earlier this year.

But hey, keep ranting. lol.

Bro. You aren’t SUBSCRIBED TO ANYTHING. That was my point. You are trolls. My thread got locked down. And this one probabily will too. That’s okay. I still like Matthew, again great guy. As far as the “triggered” and “angry” things you guys are seriously oblivious. You do know the biggest hedge fund manager in the world, Ray Dalio, choke slammed his boss in a bar before quitting, right? Don’t be naive. Some of the best traders in the world act like me. This is reality. Good luck.

Entertainment. I still am not happy about VolatilityPRO - C2 has margin issues I did not fully understand. And I apologized! Keep watching my trading. I literally don’t sweat these trades, they are controlled. I am long/short futures long/short options, completely in control of the markets. Sure, I might not do 30% per month like an AMMA gambler, but my clients will make money. Bottom line.

Google knows nothing about this accident. Can you share a link or it is kind of Wall street tales like Johnny Appleseed tales?

What margin c2 loophole? Please explain.

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This guy. This guy is a riot.

“Some of the best traders in the world act like me”.

Buddy, if you were one of the best traders in the world, you wouldn’t be on C2. No offense Matthew.

I’m closing this thread because it is not professional.