Cmd=requestsystemsync returns wrong quant

For example, GREEN FOREX currently shows 8 open trades and EUR/CHF shows 14 open trades as of 1/30/13 on the C2 web site. There has not been any trades since then. Yet cmd=requestsystemsync returns quant of 50000 for each pair! Shouldn’t it show 80000 and 140000? This is driving me absolutely nuts since there is no way to maintain sync. Anybody have a work-around?


You set up your autotrade account with a "Max forex quant" of 5 minilots.

C2 is telling your software: "Customer should have a position of 5 minilots (based on his own preferences that he set up.)"

Matthew: I just checked the autotrade settings and it shows 15 minilots.

I think you must be looking at a different account. I just looked at your account and it very clearly shows that you have specified a max forex quant of 5. I am emailing you a screen shot. - MK

Interesting. If I go into Modify AutoTrade Settings, it shows 15. Apparently it changes based on the currently open positions?

Anyway, I guess that answers the question, thanks.

But it begs another. How would I program my software to not go beyond it? Is there a way for the software to know what the Max forex lots is currently set to?