Collective2 and a Fund of Funds approach

I have developed the optimum basket of collective2 trading systems I will be using to trade my live account. I would like to allow subscribers the option to receive these exact autotrade signals placed in my live account( Vis-Ã -vis Collective2 and a Fund of Funds approach) anyone with programming expertise to make this happen? Is this possible?

Something tells me subscribing to a third-party c2 system does not entitle you to resell / repackage / replay their signals without any sort of royalty to the original provider - unlike

But I might be wrong here

It’s a nice idea for a quick buck but why bother as C2 gives you all the tools that you need to do this yourself e.g. :- go to the ‘The Grid’, put > 1.5 in Sharpe ratio, > 10 in last 60 days return, order by drawdown (ascending), exclude any that are using Martingale i.e. deep cuts followed by instant repair in their equity graph and pick the first 10 or first 3 from each category etc.

The work of 5 minutes would give you solid and high returns so why pay an extra subscription.