Help developing C2 copy trade

I need a program to - essentially - copy trades from several C2 systems I subscribe to to a C2 system of my own. It’s not just copying trades - some selection of trades and scaling is required as well.

Can anyone out there develop this sort of program?

This is one of the reasons I consider leaving C2.

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I believe Collective2 Trade Leaders are treated as publishers, such as newsletter writers. Your proposal would be like putting together a number of other’s articles and publishing it as your book. Obvious copyright infringement.


So it’s time to call on C2 to do something to stop copying the strategy to resell.

It protects Trade Leaders and makes them confident to stay with C2 forever.

Selling others c2 signals under own system at c2 is financially doesn’t make any sense: you need to sell them 2x more expensive than original signals to compensate c2 fees.

Not copying for republication, just to trade for my own account.

Fred M Katz


You just need to resell at 50% of the original signal. You will make money from the 5th subscriber. With a good strategy you can make a lot of money every month!

Not saying you are trying to do this, but I never really thought about how a person can subscribe to various strategies to get the signals and use all of them in a single strategy and make it available to others. Instead of paying $100+ on each of the top 5 strategies you could pay $100-$200 for all 5 in one package. I hope C2 has some sort of screener and rules against that.

Yeah, my bad. You are right. On the other side I haven’t seen such copiers here, so maybe it is not that easy.

Selling the combined strategy would bring a lot of issues.
But combining several strategies to trade in one account would make it possible to keep more of the capital in that account busy more of the time.
That’s the objective.

We already offer end-users the ability to trade multiple strategies within one brokerage account. That’s how C2 AutoTrading works today.

For obvious reasons, we can’t allow people to package up individual strategies and resell them as their own.


Matthew: Perhaps just auto-trading multiple strategies in one account would work.

The issue is scaling:
If I want to trade two equity strategies,(long holding periods) both at $50K in a $50K account, I would scale each
at 50% and get the average return.

But, I am looking at futures strategies which trade sporadically with short holding periods. The objective is to get most of
the trades in both accounts - except when they are trading at the same time.
If I scale each at 50%, I only get half the results from each strategy and again wind up with the average return.

If I scale each at 100%, do I run the risk of trading beyond my capital?
What I want to do is trade each at 100% except when the other is trading - and just forego those colliding trades.

Can I do that?

You can set individual strategy scaling however you like. C2 does not know if your brokerage account can handle the scaling you set up.

You’ll need to do some homework to understand how strategies generally trade. Typically, most strategies don’t use all their available capital at all times. So, if you do the analysis, you’ll probably be able to find strategies that you can trade together in a way that makes sense for your individual needs.

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I’ve done some homework and analysis. If I could trade several strategies at 100% each, except for trades that start while another is active, I could approach a return equal to the sum of the strategies. Which would be great.

One way to do that is to have a program that adds those trades to a private strategy and then auto trade that private strategy.

Or, if C2 could support a per brokerage account max exposure parameter and block trades based on that, that would do the trick.
Is that feasible?

“Or, if C2 could support a per brokerage account max exposure parameter and block trades based on that, that would do the trick.
Is that feasible?”

I believe that is how it works. If you have $50k and two $50k strategies, and set each to 100%, if one made a trade that used all trading funds, and the other tried to make a trade that used all trading funds also, where you don’t want this trade to be made cause the other one is already in a trade using all funds, then the trade will be blocked.

Once the first strategy exits, then funds become available again. Then if one strategy makes a trade using 100% of funds, it’s ok. As long as both strategies don’t make trades that is impossible to do at same time, it is ok. Like Mathew said, you’d have to look at the strategies and make sure they don’t overlap often. I believe this is exactly what you want to achieve, right?

You probably won’t get both fund’s returns added up, if there is overlap, since trades will be missing, though.

Good points.

Yes, it’s what I want to achieve and agree that I wouldn’t expect the full sum because of overlaps.

I see how what you describe would work for equity trades. Harder to see how letting brokerage account limits do the work for futures trades - unless 100% meant the full limits of my leverage, which would be a bit reckless.

And it seems that the strategies that trade futures are the ones more likely to have shorter lasting trades.

Also, futures have a tax advantage for short term trades.