Collective2 Support has not responded - can I get my money back?

I submitted a support request three weeks ago for issues regarding Platform Transmit of signals. I paid money to create a C2Star strategy. I supplied support with log information about my issue.

I have heard nothing back from anyone on the matter. This is disappointing.

How can I claim a refund?

I’m replying to bump this thread

Hi Chris,

Read what is written before payment.

We’re looking for the best traders. If you have what it takes, get C2Star Certified.

It’s important you understand C2Star Program Requirements before applying. Failure to meet all performance requirements will automatically terminate your participation in the program. (You’ll be able to start again, but a new one-time Application Fee will be required.) No refunds for the Application Fee can be given, regardless of when performance failure occurred.


Hi Chris
I’ve asked the support team to reach out to you. You’ll get a satisfactory answer today