Commission fee for TF?

I found the commission basis for TF is $7 on C2. so round trip is $14

I think this is not realistic.

most brokers charge less than $3 for TF

so this high commission fee calculated for TF makes the profit reduced a lot.

I suggest change to $3

Commissions on C2 depend on the brokerage. 7$ is a typical commission for all futures, selecting Interactive Brokers for example makes it equal to 2$ for TF.

I don’t think $7 is typical.

IB, tradestation all charge around $2

other brokers I used nobody charge > $5

On the right side of every System Summary page there is a drop down menu under 'Statistics." You can select the commission rates from various brokers. The selection will update the Hypothetical Monthly returns and the per-trade profit & loss. Remember that autotrading has a cost and that there are exchange and other fees applied.

For comparison, there are many programs from other futures autotrade brokers that charge total round turn commissions and costs that can exceed $15-20 and higher for all instruments.