Some questions about autotrading futures systems

I’m assuming that the realism factor with comms radio button below the system chart DOES NOT factor in comms charged by C2 autotrading. Assuming this is the case, I’m trying to figure out the impact on profitability for various systems. Of course it’s going to vary from system to system, but for systems that makes a high number of trades like Big Cat for example, I imagine the impact would be significant. I suppose I could look at the difference between annualised return pre and post comms + fees and then factor in the autotrading comms. So the cost breakdown would be as follows:

Average contract around $4 per side – already included with realism factor

Average exchange fee per side $? – is this included with realism factor???

Autotrading cost $2 per side - assuming this is NOT included in realism factor

If someone can help me come up with an average figure for the exchange fees, I might be able to calculate the impact of autotrading costs.

If you are paying anywhere near $4 + exchange fees PER SIDE you are getting ripped of in a big way.

Most brokers are currently at less than $5 ROUND TRIP including exchange fees. Many are far less than that depending on your volume.

  1. there are 4 radio buttons associated with the equity curve that let you factor in the commission and/or realism.

    2) I pay around $4.60 RT, fees inclusive.

    3) The autotrade fee is just too high for scalping systems. I still say there should be volume discounts.

    If scalping, say 5 RTs a day with 5-10 contracts, the autotrade fee should be no more than $1.50-$2.

That’s Open E Cry’s average brokerage per side, OptionsXpress is the same and there is really no other choice for autotrading. I know that volume discounts can be arranged with OEC. I don’t mind paying extra for automated trading, as long as there is sufficient profit left. That’s what I’m trying to determine.