"Con Ed" by MK

Lets start from point that I don’t like selling BS, so if the book is total BS I might say it publicly :wink: It is my point of view. I started to read the book at Saturday night with attempt to read few first chapters and go to sleep, because I didn’t expect anything from the book. I finished reading at ~5AM Sunday :wink: Very good thriller, where you practically cannot predict what will happen in next chapter.

There isn’t politically correct languages and ideas, moreover it very near real life, and it holds you. No BS from the author.


P.S. I chuckled from some images, but anyway it’s good entertainment reading.

P.S.S. I recognized some tickers that was used in the book.

P.S.S.S. Just my 2c.

Thanks, Eu! The critics have been very positive in their reviews of my book. In particular, the New York Times review as really nice:

The review:


Anyway, thanks for your kind words!

Best regards,


It’s thanks for nothing. I’m not NY jackals (hmm… well… not in critics of a book :wink: )

So please accept my opinion as an opinion of very simple reader.

1. I know what will happen in next few chapters. Read it and go to sleep.

2. Eu, you’re dumb ass. It was obvious! Read next few chapters and go to sleep.

3. The loop of 1/2 was repeated several times lol


I wouldn’t like to disscuss story line of the book, because it’ll spoil the reading.