Conditional orders


Hope you are well. I have multiple potential subscribers that would like to autotrade my system, QQQQubert. I have asked them to hold off because I need to resolve the following concern:

In my system I sell puts. If assigned, I wait for system entry signal and then sell a covered call. Now, if I have a subscriber that subscribed after the underlying were assigned, he/she would not own the underlying yet his/her account would receive the autotrade signal when I sold the call causing them to sell a naked call. Obviously, that trade would only pertain to those subscribers that own the underlying that haven’t yet sold the covered calls. Is there a way to prevent this in autotrading? Would it be best for my particular system to not permit autotrading?

Thanks for your assistance.




Whatever happens in your C2 account will happen in the subscriber’s brokerage account (this is what we call our “AutoSync” technology). So if you are assigned an underlying stock, then one of two things will happen:

1) Subscriber might also be assigned (most likely).

2) In the unlikely chance the option expires just at the money and the subscriber is not assigned in his real-life account, but you are assigned in your C2 account, the subscriber will be “synched” by C2 at the market open on Monday and will buy the underlying (or go short, depending on the option).

So there really isn’t an issue.