Connecting a strategy to an existing portfolio


I’m looking to connect a strategy to my IBKR account , the thing is I currently have open positions in stocks and I don’t want to sell ( for tax purpose ).

I’m looking to follow a strategy to trades Futures and Stocks but I’m interested to follow only Futures.
I spoke with C2 team and they said that It’s recommend that the account will be empty and will be only for the sole purpose for AutoTrading, they even suggest to open a sub account.

My question is, did someone try to connect their IBKR portfolio to a strategy while holding other positions? I’m asking in order to understand if It will keep my stocks position or it will sync and close all even though I don’t follow the strategy Stocks transmit.

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As I understand it, anything that shows up or exists in the account that does not match the strategy and the scaling will be sold.

Easiest is probably to open a sub account at IBKR (that is quite easy as I remember it) and then fund it with money and let the autotrade run on that account. That way you isolate things and also get seperate accounting from IBKR for each acct. which might be handy.

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I wanted to second @DennisFantoni With a second account number at IBKR you can move positions between them and segregate your current positions from the C2 strategies.

Understood, thank you.

Just to verify , even though I choose not to follow stocks from the strategy it will see do the sync and close the stocks position?