Creating Wealth on Collective2

I was looking at the web site that was created by Murray Nickel and could not help but notice the chart on the bottom of the “Best trading systems on Collective2” page. It is a people count chart for Collective2 compiled by It is clear Collective2 is getting more popular as time goes by.

The idea came to me to me us vendors might be able to do something to bring about some growth in this area. I am hoping we could use this forum and it’s topic to put our heads together and make suggestions to each other on ways to bring about growth at Collective2.

Here is the local Houston area there is a radio show at 11am called the Vince Rowe show. Vince Rowe was made aware of Collective2 and invited Mathew Kline to be a guest. As far as I know Mathew was on the program 2 times. Later Science Trader was also a guest.

I am thinking maybe we as traders could use more of these types of resources and promote Collective2. Are there any local radio shows in your area you may be able to introduce the DJ to Collective2? Maybe some local financial periodicals, you could write an editorial about Collective2?

Obviously the most important thing we can do as a group it to put together some fantastic winning trading programs that make money and continue to make money. I believe we have some very good signals already in place. Now maybe we can brainstorm the idea of helping Collective2 get more attention in the trading world. It would only help everybody involved. It would be a WIN WIN situation for all of us. Any constructive input would be a benefit. Thanks Rick Haines

My suggestion is better White Label marketing tools so that we can promote other vendor’s trading systems more effectively on our own web sites and make some money doing so.


Steve that is a great idea and I am sure Mathew reads these forums. I am inquiring more along the lines of what can we do as vendors? I am looking for suggestions I can implement. It is easy to look at C2 and make suggestions however I think it would more effective if we as a group took action our self’s. Keeping in mind we have vendors from all over the globe. If we could get a good idea and encourage everybody to act on it, it would be very effective. Creating a much bigger audience for our own signals. Thanks Rick Haines