Current account value/buying power

Please, can we have the trading system results updated atleast once immediately after the market closes at 5 PM EST (NY time). This would tell us what the current account value/buying power which is absolutely vital in position sizing (bet size) of the subesequent sessions trades. Right now, since it is not updated, we have the old account value/buying power which does not help at all in calculating the position size. Also, for some trades like the following, oddly, it seems to affect the open P/L figures.

BTO 1 QSIN5 7.28 4/20/05 7:29 open 0 [supertrades] ([supertrades]) $0 $2,000 ($36,375) ($36,375) Close

Also, even when the trade is fixed, the current buying power/account value doesn’t seem to reflect it; ie., it is not updated. It is impossible to trade this way at C2. I am just about losing my patience.

rgds, Pal

Midas Long-Term Value

Midas Short-Term Value

Just now, 2 of my forex trades would not go through because the trading system results has not been updated to reflect the current account value/buying power.


You are not correct. Current account buying power is updated after every trade is opened or closed.

If you have a particular issue regarding this, please contact me off-lin through email.

I will look at your trades and see what is going on.


Miraculously, the current account value/buying power was updated for Midas Short-Term Value automatically just now even when no trades were placed/closed, though it was not updated for Midas Long-Term Value which is displaying totally erroneous values. It is just not possible to open any trades with these kinds of erroneous values and so it is not possible to get updated values. Can you please, please, please update it once immediately after the market closes (5 PM EST) even when no trades are opened/closed.