Something seriously wrong!

I have just opened an account and created my own system named ‘HonestAdviser’ on Friday i.e. 17th Sep 2010.

On Friday I have entered two trades

a) Short E-mini S&P

b) Long USD Index

These both trades are have cumulative loss of $3 at the close of the trading hours on Friday i.e. 17.09.2010.

Now I am surprised to see my account which shows

1) A large amount of loss i.e. Open P/L ($157,715) on my initial corpus of $20,000

2) My system graph is also showing drastically loosing position.

Why this is happening when my actual trades are showing just $3 loss on positions which are open?

I am just terrified with this, because this will lead to

a) Bad publicity from day one for my system

b) It will push me into “worst performance” list without any reason

Kindly help me.




Hi Avinash,

C2 has occasional pricing errors at the weekend. I noticed this happening a few times in the past with my own systems. In fact, at the moment your system isn’t the only one - many have been affected this weekend.

The glitch is usually corrected by Monday, but if not then you must let Matthew know.


My Trend Trading system equity curve was correct on Saturday, erroneous Sunday morning (showed a major decline on the last day of trading), and was correct again Sunday evening.

Yeah, I saw a 8000% loss in the Bond Portfolio E9 system as well… now it’s all back to normal (or so it would seem)

Sorry for these problems, guys. You may have been aware that our primary quote feed went down Friday afternoon, and our backup server did not fire up properly. We’ve fixed the source of that problem, but of course it caused problems with quotes and orders and made the web site unavailable, too. For this I apologize.

Now, due to this problem, some systems are reporting strange equity and buying-power balances, which may prevent you from placing trades. If this happens to you, just force a manual refresh of yoru buying power stats.

How to refresh your buying power

Do this by clicking the little tiny “refresh icon,” which you can find in the right-hand column of your system page, under the section called MODEL ACCOUNT STATUS. The icon is placed, for some inscrutable reason, in a very hard-to-see spot, right next to the “Open P/L” line. Click that icon to refresh.

Otherwise, all the buying power stats will be refreshed over the next few hours automatically in the background.

I’m still seeing some erroneous information, even after the refresh.

On ES Oscillation:

Max peak-to-valley drawdown (historical) 38.19%

drawdown period Sept 18, 2010 to Sept 18, 2010

The maximum drawdown is really less than 20% and occurred back in July.

Looks like it’s correct, now.

Hi Matthew,

After the glitch at the weekend I see that most systems’ stats have been fixed. However, [LINKSYSTEM_46587362] is still showing incorrect stats, in particular the max drawdown. Can you refresh please?



Fixed. Sorry about that, Dean.


Matt, My system SPX R4/EOD still shows an open position even know I have closed all positions. Can you fix so auto traders are not left hangin? THanks

Brief problem with one of our databases being out of sync with master database. Problem fixed.