Current market condition

I welcome investors. Briefly about the situation in the world of finance. Economic indicators show growth, with a reduction. Orders in some sectors have fallen, or the industry in general has not received orders. US industry is growing, but with a slowdown. What directly affects the growth of the industrial and non-industrial sectors. My recommendations for the next month. All who hold positions on my recommendations, the network to transfer them to the CU. Who has just opened, or wants to open positions, reduce the volume of transactions in two.

С помощью моих рекомендаций вы можете набирать портфель. На данном ресурсе идёт демонстрация институционального портфеля. Позже будет сайт, где можно будет приобретать инвест идеи по двум стратегиям. Институциональная, и хэдж. Обе стратегии используются на рынке профессиональными игроками: банки, хэдж фонды, институциональные игроки. Что сможет поддержать ваши портфели в застрахованном состоянии на протяжении всего года. Всем спасибо и хорошего месяца.

History tend to repeat itself, until it doesn’t… after which, the cycle starts over again. Growth and, consequently, productivity have plenty of headroom as a result of the current socioeconomic circumstances. In other words, there is plenty of “breathing room” for the economy, as a result of recent economic depressive forces. The fed has compensated with quantitative easing, economic stimulus, the lowering of interest rates, and various similar measures. These have floated the economy so far, buying America time to shift back into productivity mode. Once most of that shift is completed, however, the fed will have to reign in all the “loosening of the belt” that it has done (since, by definition, the fed is now at the end of its rope). If done slowly during a thriving economy, it will be mostly imperceptible. That is all. Всем спасибо и хорошего месяца.

If you are a trader, there’s only one thing that matters, and only thing: price. As a trader you don’t trade economic stories, you don’t trade yesterday’s news, you don’t trade an ‘unfair’ or ‘unlogical’ FED or ECB, you trade price. All the rest is distraction and noise, preventing you from making sound analysis about future price behavior.


Absolutely, well said Raoul. :+1:

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Indeed, Raoul… when all is said and done, profits are calculated using entry/exit pricing… and that’s all that matters, in the end.