Market predictions

I would like to make some market calls.
Euro is on short time down trend.
Crude is on short time up trend.
Gold is on short time down trend.
Equities are on short time up trend.

Are these predictions or what already happened today? Looking at the charts these calls would of been great before the market opened not after the moves all already took place. Thanks in advance for clarification.

I understand your point.
In fact, that was what I did for my strategy. I entered my positions before market open.

Can we get some calls for tomorrow please? I’m trying to make some $$. Thanks for your explanation.

I will consider it. Thank you SwingPro.

One last thing SwingPro. Just need an explanation. There was a guy here not too long ago named “OnePercentTrading”. The individual that created that username was Wang Wei. This guy “OnePercentTrading” started off free and got a lot of subscribers and lost people A LOT of money. TERRIBLE.

I notice the username “SwingPro” is created by none other than Wang Wei.

Can you explain this to us? We would hate to subscribe to a free too good to be true system and lose money again.

Thanks in advance for your explanation.

You replied to my old post but are avoiding this? Scam artist. Your first mistake was to try to compete with someone else. Get your own strategy. You lost people money. Don’t you feel bad? You want to lose people more money to serve your interest? Shame on you. Subscribers should be thankful I smelled something fishy with you before you lost them more money.