Custom Billing Persistence?

I may be doing this soon, so I wanted to be sure as to how it works:

Suppose a vendor grandfathers subscribers into the current price (very long term custom period) prior to raising the subscription price for the system in general.

Now suppose a grandfathered subscriber later cancels; then later re-subscribes before the end of the original custom billing period. How will C2 handle this?

Will C2 reinstate the re-subscriber at the grandfathered rate? Or will C2 treat the subscriber as it would a brand new subscriber? Or something else?


System: CkNN Algo

If a customer unsubscribes and then subsequently re-subscribes anew, he will re-subscribe at the latest monthly price. You can of course offer any customer a custom billing amount, using the Subscriber Management screen.

Thanks. That’s the behavior I would expect, just wanted to be sure.

When a customer leaves, tell him to contact you for a discount coupon if he wants to return. You can make him a custom coupon which can be good for a discount every month.

If I increase the prise on a grandson subscriber, will the price affect the grandfather which was at a lower price?
How about the opposite?
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I’m not sure you understand what the English phrase “Grandfathered in” means; or, you’re not good at telling jokes. :smile:

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