I would have sent you this in an email but since you still will not respond to any of my emails I’m just going to post it here:

I’m a little bothered by the way that my Pivot Strategy is being advertised. For “Trading Speed” it is being shown as “Daytrade”. This is completely false and misrepresents one of the major advantages of the system. Trades that can be called day trades are entered and exited during the same trading day and this is the only thing that the term “daytrading” encompasses.

Every single one of my trades have been held overnight and therefore do not fall under the jurisdiction of the SEC’s “pattern day trader” rules. I would appreciate it very much if you could correct this at some point.

Thank you,

David Kosmider, President

Eidoan Trading Strategies, Inc.

David: I will look into this. (I’m not ignoring you… I’m just extremely busy.)

FYI: The software simply looks at average trade length to determine the “trading speed” with which to label a system. I will try to see why your system is being called a day-trade system if you are not in fact day trading. It may just be a problem with terminology… the computer might treat trades that are 2 days or fewer as “day-trade” – not stricly correct. But I can adjust the wording.

More later-


PS Sorry again for the slow reply. I’m just totally bogged down.