Daytrading Dow Jones Ind

Dow to go down today and coming days, I think now. Maybe Short Trade in about 20 minutes

short daytrade dow coming up in minutes, folks. follow it on strategy Stocktimer today

we’re Short now on dow

did this forum became strategy hourly update ?


First MAP posting nearly every other day, now this. What would you expect?

grammarly fault in what you wrote. mind you

what do you expect of yourself?

Grammar Nazi detected. Let’s have fun.

I think I speak for all of us in saying spamming the forums won’t get you any more subscribers. To me it usually indicates someone with little experience, treating this like a game. Which, again, will not get you subscribers.

Just focus on making a decent return and the subscribers will come. A good track record is worth 100x more than a ton of useless forum posts.


Same trolls aka dog zebra and co with their hidden agenda spamming every thread in the forums, attacking every strategy.

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By the way @LRCManagement , you still haven’t answered my question from this thread:

But that’s ok, you’re probably still learning how this all works. Keep at it bud. You’ll get it someday.

Also, what’s our “hidden agenda”? Would that be highlighting scammers/frauds? Asking probing questions to system developers to ensure they have robust systems? Or offering guidance to developers/investors? In that case we are all guilty. Our apologies. :grin:


I saw your profile. I do not need unsolicited advice, certainly not from someone with a track record like yours. do not act as a teacher, while you need one yourself. see my track record.

You mean this one?

Or this one?

Don’t worry you won’t hear any more from me. I’ll just watch with popcorn from the sidelines. Should be fun. :grin: :popcorn:

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seems like an excellent intention

only sado-masochists do vix, like you do. months and months scraping tiny profits, and everybody knows that on one day, the exchange will take it all, and more, away in very short term, but that’s your preference. do not offer your strategy to non-sado-masochists. you best eat popcorn at the sideline, indeed as you said, and not allways want the last word