Desktop Version of Collective2

Good Day. Would anyone please send a link to a full web site? I can’t see anything on my mobile devices after the update.

Separate thanks to the developers, btw. This place is great and inspiring!

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I’m not sure what you are asking for.

This is the main Collective2 site:

I think that @TheFace means: It looks as if the new site tries to be “responsive” to mobile devices, by changing what is viewed as the browser window size narrows. You can see this if you take your browser window (on your desktop machine) and making it narrower and narrower. Unfortunately, this responsive styling is not working well for narrow window sizes. I haven’t tried it on my phone, but I can try it in my browser and certain fields are hidden or overlapping, making some aspects of the site unusable or at the very least, confusing and difficult to use.

the mobile version of the site is now useless. I can’t tell if a system is long or short a position. Can c2 please fix this. Thanks

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Forum link on updated desktop version does not work. There is no response when I click the Forum icon.

Exactly. The site is not responsive or partially responsive. Up until today, I managed to see everything on my mobile devices. Today, everything is overlapping, forum link isn’t working. Can’t submit any signals.

Also. There is a problem with entering signals. It seems ES, GC, CL data is stuck.

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