Developer needed


I have a multiple systems that I want to use through Collective2, but in order to do this I need figure out a way to send my triggers from StrategyDesk to Collective2. All my short term systems trade multiple times a days and must be entered automatically to collective2 for them to be successful. My programing skills are very basic, so any help I can get would be greatly appreciated or compensated if needed to be.

I have worked with StrategyDesk for about two years so I’m very comfortable with the platform and I have created over 30 profitable strategies(systems). Switching to another trading platform like ninjatrader or tradestation, etc wouldn’t be beneficial at this time, since my strategies are very customized and complex, making it difficult to create them on another system and perform all the testing again. If I can’t do it with StrategyDesk, then I won’t be able to share my strategies. I really like this website. Please help.



What you are requesting is achievable with the help of C2 API. I am not very familiar with StrategyDesk. I have a system set-up where I dump my trade alerts in a Microsoft XL csv file. I have some python code that reads the csv file and sends out Collective2.

Drop me line in private at guru[at]kilotrader[dot]com if you need help with this