Need Help with Developer APIs

I have a system that I’m autotrading using the FXCM Trading Station platform and would like to sell the system here. Is it possible to link the system here with FXCM’s Trading Station, and if so, how do I do this? I’m not a programmer, is there anyone who could help me with this or could refer me to someone.


See this:

I also have a question regarding the use of FXCM tradestation. I would like to be a strategy provider, but I want my collective 2 system to be linked to my FXCM account so that whenever my system takes a trade in my FXCM account, it will automatically show up in my C2 system. How can I do this?

Mathew - I haven’t set it up yet, but if you have the FXCM TSII, go to “System>Options>Marketscope 2.0>Strategy Options”. There you can set up the email server etc. as described in the link posted by Martin above.

Martin - thanks for the link!

I believe the link is referring to TradeStation (, not FXCM’s Trading Station. Two different companies.

Yep, am aware of that, but TSII has the same email functionality,I’m just not sure if C2 will be able to process the contents of the email.

I don’t believe you can link your fxcm trading station with C2. I use fxcm and link it via Mt4.

Let me know if you can link directly to trading station please. thanks.

You use FXCM’s MT4 platform or TSII?

mt4 to send signals… tsII for real account.

TSII does have the same capability, I really can’t see why we couldn’t link any FXCM TSII account to C2. I think a programmer could help us with this issue since C2 appears to be completely unresponsive in the matter. It is really odd because I know a lot of people that would like to sell systems on here that use TSII, so you would think C2 would make accommodations for TSII…

I’m not familiar with the FXCM software. You would need to be able to customize your emails to some extent – in particular to send a C2 “system id” in your email. Here is a web page that shows how to send signals by email to C2:

If you can somehow massage the emails generated by FXCM’s software into the proper format, or something close, then it can probably work. If not, then I’m afraid it won’t.

But we do support other options including: TradeStation, NinjaTrader, and MetaTrader.

Please let me (and other users) know if the FXCM software can be customized to include the information needed by C2 to process its emails.


As it is the platform doesn’t offer any option to add content to a signal email or has any place where you could include a C2 system ID, but it might be possible to include the system ID in the strategy code. I’ll have to ask my coder,

So you use the FXCM MT4 platform with a demo account? Or is there a way to create a sub-account for the MT4 platform?