Different P/Ls on same window

Matthew: I notice on my VIVALDI account that there is $6000+ profit in the summary and the correct $4500 profit in the trade details areas. Surely the two could use the same source for data so they line up.

Also, although I have only done 2 trades - as shown in the trade window - it says there have been 3. Perhaps this is because of my learner-mistake cancellation muddle but…

  1. The number of trades in your summary record has been corrected.

    2) The fact that the Results Snapshot and the line-by-line open trade details do not always agree has been a topic of much conversation here on Collective2. I admit it seems bizarre, but there are programming reasons behind it. The main thing you should know is this: the Results Snapshot is calculated on a sporadic basis (every few hours). This is the publically available data which anyone – even non-subscribers to your system – can see. The line-by-line open trade details, which are visible only to the system owener and the subscribers to a system, are calculated in real-time (albeit with delayed prices, when markets are open, since we are not allowed to distribute real-time quotes, even though we use them internally to calculate your fills). Still following all this? In any case, don’t fret too much about it. The difference seems significant because you have executed only a couple of trades, and one is still open. By the time you get to trades, say, 5 or 6, the results will be nearly identical.