Why C2 shows different Open P/L?

I use different browsers to refresh it. It shows same. It shows my "Open P/L ($22,557) " for whole day to the people who dont have the access to my system. After I log in I can see my actual “Open P/L” which is swinging at the range of $500-$1500 for today

I dont understand what’s going on. That’s really misleading. Could C2 fix it? Thanks

I don’t understand what you are referring to. Tell me exactly what you are looking at. It might be helpful if you email me a screen shot.

I took a look at your system. You have chosen to delay your real-time trade data by 88 hours to non-subscribers. This is the reason we show delayed (by approx 3 days) P/L data depending on whether a user is logged in or not. (When you log in as yourself, you are treated as a subscriber to your own system.)

In other words, the reason different data is shown to different people is because you have chosen to do that.

Thank you very much. I understood now. Cool feature.