Discount REMOVED, Las Vegas Odds Maker System Released (Brand New Futures & Forex Trading System)

RELEASED (5/1/17) Recently released “Las Vegas Odds Maker” - is now live!

This system trades the E-Mini S&P product along with occasional nightly overnight holds & scalps of the EUR/USD and USD/JPY. This will be a good cross product trading system for those who want to expose themselves to a decent amount of volatility in the Forex & Futures market especially with the way things have been going lately in the US markets.

Please feel free to ask any questions here or privately. Have been answering a lot of questions already on PM about this strategy and for those of you who are new or don’t know what kind of system this is, it is a practical Risk/Reward trading approach used from the days I beat the daylights out of the pros in my high stakes poker career. 3:1 goal on average profit/loss while shooting for a healthy Sharpe ratio as well as APD above or around the healthy average of system providers here on C2. Using over 14 years of trading experience on top of an EV optimized poker player, I plan on incorporating those mathematical tactics into no-nonsense trading starting from day one!

Will be raising price to $150 per month for all of you speculators who do nothing but commentate on other people’s system but don’t take ACTION!

I guess by “ADP” you actually are meaning the opposite, APD. An above or higher “Average Drawdown per Profit” per trade (ADP) would certainly not be a good a thing.

It was one guy here a month ago. Wrote a lot, promoted magic approaches, promised 100% per month. Now his system is private, was around 0% after a month.

Don’t throw empty words with your expectations. Just start to make money.


Yup…we have heard such big talk like this before. After the “magic” that never was YM Magic, the developer and system has somehow completely disappeared off the face of C2.

The links for the system details seem to have somehow even disappeared from the developers many forum boasts about his/her prowess. You cannot search to find the system’s name any longer, as the developer has now changed his profile name under the system’s details and and/or the name under the system’s details itself ( I think it might now be called “Weekly Pay” or something).
Even if it is now a “private” system you should be able to search for it but not access the system’s page. Well…let’s take a look back at memory lane (about just a month ago) of such big talk, as follows:

Mar 27
Too all subs…fear not. The best is coming soon. YM MAGIC! Trading the YM exclusively. Minimal drawdowns, and profits of 100% monthly. Consistently. I’m sure you’ve heard words like these before. But I assure you you have never seen one as myself. Stay tuned.

In all honesty…I have and will triple most developers here last 30 day performance in my first 3 weeks. So please, stay tuned. I love this type of stuff.

Hmmm…so what is going to make things any different now from such big talk? I guess we will all have to stay tune to find out.

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Well, I hear that and I knew that guy was a fraud from day one and I called him out to the forum (to the point he wanted to “street fight” me) haha, so I know what scammer talk sounds like; believe me.

However, I am not promising huge returns, but I am promising top of the line cutting and sniper sharp entries which I argue most system developers here do not have the vested interest to do because it makes them “work” more; although some do quite nicely (Rare). This is a good long term system.

With that being said, I am confident in it. I already have a trade running right now in the USD/JPY. Tomorrow morning is when the real action starts and the ES trading begins. Like you said, Stay tuned :slight_smile:

I am here for the long haul, by the way. I’m not going anywhere and have no plan on printing out false promises to anyone. I am trading this system the same way I have been trading with a renewed edge in 2016. Probably going to be one of the most beautiful systems here because it is traded with a pro poker player’s risk/reward perspective :wink:

Your points are well taken. Good luck. I dabble in ES mini futures myself a bit (but have some time constraints at the moment), so maybe you and I can have a healthy competition going forward in the future. :wink:

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Please cut the nonsense and trade. Your results will speak for themselves.


Already in a trade, @Scott and I am so confident in what I can do that I pre-state it here. What can I say, I know the markets and risk better than anyone else.

Additionally: Make SURE you scale this system properly in advanced to future Subscribers.

If for example you are a true cheapskate like I am, Fund an account with only $500 and run this system at 10% (equal to 1 ES E-Mini lot, there are brokers that allow it, I think Ninja trader gives you minimum buy-in) if you are really feeling lucky and want to cap downside risk!

Mid-Tier Traders ($5000-$10000+) even though I am trading with a $10,000 starting account per C2’s Basic Package, this is NOT a get rich quick scheme. Even though you will be impressed over a long term equity curve that this will be at or above the winning systems, I recommend 50% scaling. Why not? I believe with a 10k account 2 E-Mini lots are very reasonable, maybe 3 MAX if the market conditions are ripe but I let the autotrader do that so I say for now 50% because I will trading at some points up to 4 lots with the 10k but that is model system. I do not want anyone emulating that since I am advertising for subscribers.

Any other questions, please ask them here, I feel this thread is getting hot for tomorrow!

I’m getting scared…before system first trade, we getting this kind of pep-talk, what will happen if system is in green after first week?


Lol, don’t worry I will shut up when that happens.

Odds are he wont shut up then. :wink: :joy:

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Seriously, when I see a trader for whom, it is not about the trade, but it is about himself…I run.

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Lol. He already made that first trade.

He went long on USD/JPY and so far it looks like he is up big on that first trade (not following him but can see in the charts and his stats that he went long, where he possibly entered, and how much he is up/down now…looks like about $50 unrealized profit or so in less than 2 hours since his entry). Unrealized gain or loss doesn’t mean a thing though…it is all about your EXIT strategy…

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well, maybe here, at this moment, it starts new life for jjcasesa…or maybe not. I’m skeptical, but I can be wrong.

@marekj Lol…maybe, who knows? Gambling losses can be a bit overwhelming, I guess even a $50 profit goes long way towards recovery. :wink:

Hey man, I have utmost confidence in what I do. I would rather take the blame here than have any of you draw straws later on and find out you come up short. Ok? I hate seeing people lose money and I lost on autotraders on this site before in six figures, I understand the pain everyone goes through on here with some of these systems. I am not going to let that happen again.

Honestly, I wish you the best of luck. Good luck.