Does the autotrading work in after hours trading?

I am wondering if the autotrading also works for my subscribers if I trade in my ibkr account which is the leader account in after hours.


If you mean stocks then no …

If you’re using BrokerTransmit connected to your IB account, then the answer is yes, it will broadcast trade signals to your subscribers 24x5 (or whatever the market hours are for what you’re trading). C2 does do internal maintenance over the weekend, but that does not interfere with 24x5 markets.

That being said, when I recently started publishing E-Mini futures trades here, I found out (the hard way) that C2 loses connection to IB for about an hour every night. From C2 Support:

We are disconnected from IB every day from 12AM to 1:08AM due to IB server maintenance. As long as your subscribers have their auto-sync on, they will be filled as soon as they come back online.

Not a deal breaker, but definitely something to be aware of.

There are other gotchas with BrokerTransmit I learned the hard way when trying to get going, including:

  • C2 only sends market orders to subscribers. So if you use limit or stop orders, all your subscribers will get is a market order when your limit or stop order is filled. I’m pretty sure C2 just watches for position changes in your account and broadcasts a market order to match the change.

  • C2 BrokerTransmit will break if you go straight from a one position side to another without closing the position first. For example, if you’re long 2 shares and you want to flip to short 2 shares, in IB TWS you can just sell 4 shares. That will break C2. You need to sell 2 shares to close the long, and then sell 2 shares again to open the short.

These may be all documented somewhere, but it was not obvious to me while getting things set up. I hope that helps!


If you are talking about US stocks, here is how it works:

C2 does not support after-hours autotrading for US stocks. As a strategy manager, you can of course enter your trade signals whenever you like (even after-hours). But your stock signals will be queued up and transmitted to autotraders so that the signals are available at the market open.

For other instruments such as futures and forex, C2 supports 24-hour trading (or, more specifically, whenever the market in question is open).


thanks for your help