C2 IB autotrade issues again, again, and again. Hat trick

Is this a conspiracy? Am I seeing this correctly? Almost a whole hour after Boux Crude entered a Market order, IB accounts were finally synced. This could have gone horribly wrong as quickly as Crude moves. Nevertheless, what is going on with the C2 platform?

I think it’s time for them to come clean. What say you C2? Are others checking their IB accounts?

I normally wouldn’t be this vocal, but we’re paying a premium price for a service that should work flawless.

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No more autotrading, for me, until the clean this up:( Well said M.J.

IB can not take any trade (Forex, futures, Commodity) between Midnight until 1 AM (1 hour). There is nothing C2 can do. You should inform your developer is not taking any transaction during that time. That’s the only thing your developer can do to prevent this issue in the future.

This might be primarily an IB issue. As I recall from trading some strategies with futures products which would execute trades around midnight this was a common occurrence as IB shut their systems down for about an hour nightly for maintenance.

I don’t know. That could very well be worth investigating. Thanks for the lead.

Thanks Sam as I just saw your reply. I’ll definitely mention this to the Developer.

Hello. IB shuts/resets its connection to C2 every night between midnight and approximately 1am ET. This is not under C2 control.

Thanks Matthew for replying and answering. Do y’all make this information clear with the Developers of strategies?

IB restart their servers in North America every day at around 00:15. Normally it is only a few minutes until everything is back online.


Scroll down to “System Availability”. Plus pay attention to remark (1):

“The reset period describes the duration during which your account may be unavailable for a few seconds. It does not indicate that the entire system will be unavailable for the full reset period. During a reset period, there may be an interruption in the ability to log in or manage orders. Existing orders (native types) will operate normally although execution reports and simulated orders will be delayed until the reset is complete.”

My experience is that apart from the brief reset period, everything works well. This includes API order (that I do through Multicharts). I don’t know how IB handles accounts that are connect to third parties such as C2. Perhaps the down time is longer?

Don’t be shy, ask them, IB have support via tickets, chat, phone.

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Unavailable for a few seconds and unavailable for an hour makes a huge difference. Ether way I will avoid trading the strategy during those times so my subscribers won’t get any surprises.