Will broker get buy/sell signal in minutes?

I’m trying to understand all this C2 stuff which seems complex to me as a developer of a forex EA. Please correct me where I’m wrong.

I believe I have to modify my EA using a Signal API to produce HTML for it to send buy or sell orders to C2. My EA will run at C2 24hrs/5days a week after I start it. My API Signal will access my Subscriber list and C2 will pass the buy/sell order to each subscriber’s broker and account.

This will occur without the subscriber having to get involved other than what they setup as over-rides ie stop-loss, max order size etc…

What is needed here is for the EA order to be executed at the brokers while the subscriber may be sleeping. Waiting for subscribers to check on emails, just doesn’t work for this EA. How am I doing?


It’s much more simple than this. Just use our MT4 interface, available here:


Your EA will run on your computer. It will send buy/sell orders to your C2 Model Account. Anyone who subscribes to your system will be able to have it AutoTraded in their brokerage account automatically – no emails, no typing in signals, etc.

You can even try it out yourself: set up your EA, then pretend to be a subscriber to your own system and set up AutoTrading for it (choose the Simulated Broker just to see how it all works).


Thanks Mathew, I believe in the KISS concept. I’ll give it a try.

I would have thought you had servers for this as PCs aren’t designed for constant use. Servers don’t cost that much anymore, please advise your money managers.

Yesterday’s post disappeared so I’ll try again.

I installed the MT4 interface on my PC and I’ve defined my EA’s basic info on C2 but it doesn’t appear when I search for it in the systems.

I tried to setup a model account but could not locate a Simulated Broker I only get your list of C2 compatible brokers. I’m not ready to use a live account just to test. Maybe I’m missing a step or two or my sequence of steps performed is out of whack. Please help.