Dollar Sign and Flame? Symbols

Just curious as to what the Dollar Sign and what looks like a flame symbol are in the Overview section of some of the trading systems. I don’t recall seeing those before.


Try clicking on them. They represent that systems have paid subscribers and non-demo autotraders, respectively.



What would be nice would be a third icon:

"AutoTraded by System Provider"


Nice, I like it.

One more suggestion… You should have another icon to determine risk level…

so, for example:

If the system has had drawdowns of more than x %, then you should have a red icon… showing that the system is very risky…

between x-x %, then a blue icon, showing it has medium risk.

< x %, yellow or green icon, showing lower risk.

some systems have had single trade drawdowns of over 100%… maybe something showing that this system would have blown up. some type of warning.


just a thought…