Missing autotrade tag

I don’t know if this is going to affect anything or anywhere but it seems that AutoTrade tag “^” is missing from my system (search System finder, futures, short rapid trades). At least the system has been auto traded over a month, now.

BTW, does auto trading have any effect to C2 Score?


FYI (reply from the support):

Actually it is a flame icon.

Autotrader using C2’s Gen3 technology needed.

(Gen1 in use in this system)


How long system has to be auto traded in order for icon to be displayed?

Good question maybe the administration can answer. My signal RPH has had 8 auto trades dating back to 8-22-12. Still no icon.


It is a auto trade generation specific, although it shouldn’t matter for my point of view.

Anyway if you click a live brokerage trade data icon and then first column is “Gen” and if is is 3 -> icon, 1 -> no icon.

- Marko