System Reviews


This is just a suggestion. Right now I’m trading on a system which I like and has a lot potential. The problem is, it has not been performing well for the last month. I don’t want to give it a negative review just because it’s not performing and possibly alter the fate of the system.

Every system could have a confidence level bar that displays how confident the subscribers are on the system.

To make it fair, the bar sets back to neutral as time goes unless a subscriber gives it another vote of confidence(Positive or Negative).

This might encourage or discourage new subscribers based on how the system is performing and the confidence of the current subscribers without leaving a permanent mark like a review!!!

The bar should look like this

N - Neutral

* - Current State

Negative Outlook <--------N--------> Positive Outlook (system is not performing)

Negative Outlook <--------N--------
> Positive Outlook (system is HOT)

As days go by, the * slowly moves back to neutral if no confidence vote is given to the system by the subscribers.

What do you think? Any input?

By the way I do like the new icons you put next to systems overview to indicate if the system has subscribers and auto traders…Good job.



great idea, thanks for the post!