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Drawdown indicator

Hello Collective2,

Idea for the future - please make a drawdown curve. Now only the maximum drawdown is visible. Similar to the leverage curve. This curve will be useful for customers. Who agrees! Thumbs up.




I would like to hear the opinion of the team C2. Are you planning to do this?


I am sure C2 will do this if you pay the development costs, in my estimate 10k-15k dollars.

Hello TomWozniak,

Are you a member Colltctive2 of the team to make such statements? If not, then better keep quiet.

Everything has already been developed here, you just need to do it on the chart, like the leverage (leverage) chart, so that the client understands what the daily drawdown is for the provider, and now we only see the information on the maximum drawdown for the whole time. There are people who have been providers here for 10-15 years, and they have such drawdowns 5-7-9 years ago and the subscriber is looking at something that has long been gone and is not relevant.

You are not going to tell me to keep quiet, this is not Russia. I just stated my opinion. There are thousands of indicators and features that could be added to C2.
I am not a member of C2 team.
If anyone you should keep quiet, your system made $900 between end of September 2018 and today, or $50 monthly average. Your subscription price is $49.



Sorry, I am writing through a Google translator. Inaccurate translation is possible. I didn’t mean to offend you.

According to my results, you are wrong in the calculations. If you looked at the schedule, then there the subscription cost is already taken into account for the client. If you take 2 years (24 months), then according to my system, + 152.5% is earned (With a starting amount of 5000 USD, profit +7627 - 49 * 24 - 390 * 2 = +7627 - 1176 - 780 = 5671/24 = 236.3 dollars (an average of + 4.72% per month) per month net with a starting amount of 5000). The larger the trading account, the greater the profit in percent, since the share of expenses becomes less.

All the best to you.


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