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Tactical Asset Allocation: Three For All

Three similar TAA, with three different risk levels. If you subscribe to “Dual QM18 Strategy”, you can access “Misti Strategy” for free. If you subscribe to “Dual Leverage Strategy”, you can access “Dual QM18 Strategy” and “Misti Strategy” for free.
1.- Dual Leverage Strategy

2.- Dual QM18 Strategy

3.- Misti Strategy

Averaging lossers??? not a good strategy.

Why dont you have many subs?. You strats have done ok in the past

well, now I know why

Dual Leverage Strategy: Annual Return: +30.8%; YTD: + 18.8%

Dual QM 18 Strategy: Annual Return: + 21.3%; YTD: + 16.6%

Misti Strategy: New!

Show Misti real history man. You renamed and reseted it.
Must first learn to reduce your acct volatility. Then offer a serious system. Never reset that will make you never get followers. People is smarter than you believe.

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Multi Quant 105 is a good strategy and YTD results point it out. Misti is very different (TAA), with different components and a different strategy. It is not a strategy that uses volatility components. In the world of investments, time places everyone in their place.

Adaptive Asset Allocation is an active management portfolio strategy that shifts the percentage of assets held in various categories to take advantage of market pricing anomalies or strong market sectors. This strategy allows portfolio managers to create extra value by taking advantage of certain situations in the marketplace. It is as a moderately active strategy since managers return to the portfolio’s original strategic asset mix once reaching the desired short-term profits.

At certain times, the market demands patience from us. Since the end of July, the stock market does not show a clear trend. This situation may change at any time.

Good start of the month with my three strategies.


Dual Leverage Strategy: Return YTD: +18.4%; Win Trades: 75%; Win Months: 63.2%; Annual Return: +29.8%

Dual QM 18 Strategy: Return YTD: +17.4%; Win Trades: +54.1%; Win Months: +68.4%; Annual Return: +20.9%

Misti Strategy: Return YTD: +1.0%; Win Trades: + 83.3%; Win Months: +66.7%; Annual Return: +1.0%

Dual Leverage Strategy: Annual Return: 29.7%; Return YTD: 17.1%

Dual QM 18 Strategy: Annual Return: 20.4%; Return YTD: 16.0%

Misti Strategy: Annual Return: 0.6%; Return YTD: 0.6%

My three strategies continue to show good results during this month.

Dual Leverage Strategy. CAGR: 31.5%; YTD: 22.7%

Dual QM 18 Strategy. CAGR: 21.6%; YTD: 20.3%

Misti Strategy. CAGR: 2.7%; YTD: 2.7%


Hello GonzaloLoayza2,

Well done! Good results. Make them even better and you will be popular here. Keep working. Do not stop.


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New High for Dual Leverage Strategy

Dual Leverage Strategy. CAGR: 32.6%; YTD: 26.8%

Dual QM 18 Strategy. CAGR: 22.5%; YTD: 23.6%

Misti Strategy. CAGR: 4.5%; YTD: 4.5%

Thank you Michael!!!

My three strategies continue to show good results and consistency over time. Good Sunday to everyone.

1.- Dual Leverage Strategy. CAGR: 31.0%; YTD: 23.0%

2.- Dual QM 18 Strategy. CAGR: 21.5%; YTD: 20.9%

3.- Misti Strategy. CAGR: 3.3%; YTD: 3.3%


We are entering the “Silly Season” of Christmas. We must be very careful with trading during the following weeks.

Dual Leverage Strategy. CAGR: 31.3%; YTD: 24.3%


New high for Dual Leverage Strategy. CAGR since October 2016: 32.0%; YTD: 27.3%.

Dual QM 18 Strategy. CAGR since October 2016: 22.3%; YTD: 24.5%.

Misti Strategy. CAGR since September 2019: 5.0%

New High for my Dual Leverage Strategy. All Time Change: + 159.6%; CAGR: 32.6%; YTD: 29.6%

Good start of the year for my three strategies.

Dual Leverage Strategy. New High. CAGR: 33.0%; YTD: 3.6%

Dual QM18 Strategy. CAGR: 23.0%; YTD: 2.7%

Misti Strategy. CAGR: 6.8%; YTD: 6.8%


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