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"DUFU" a good strategy for you

This is my strategy: “DUFU”
Trading System: Trend-trading, following the master trend, if it’s wrong, stop loss immediately, if it’s right, hold the position, let profit fly. the most important thing is Profit and Loss ratio, seek for the optimal ratio in trading, keep this way up, even though the winning rate is low, but the profit is good. of course, for responsibility of subscribers, no martingale on this strategy.

Weird yield curve for now, but my main question is:


Who are these guys that subscribed to you?

Good Question @BoyRijniers. Very fishy.

This system has been renamed, as has his prior system under a different profile name, to try to erase any link. Kinda sad.

Never had my question answered about his 20% drawdown when he plowed into 8 NQ contracts at once on 9/12. They were “wrong” trades, and instead of a stop loss you got a 20% drawdown. He was bailed out by a market rally, but in my opinion, if that happens once and goes unaddressed, it will certainly happen again, perhaps without a market bailout next time.

It’s a shame because he has done well from what I can tell with alot of his remaining trades, and has made over 25% for early subscribers. Cut losses short and let a couple big winners run. That’s the way to do it man.

Not sure why he needed a second thread. Maybe because of the name change. Here’s the original:


@BoyRijniers, I’ve seen these guys indicated as subscribers to many, many different strategies here and always sequentially grouped together. And as I recall always as actual subs, not just simulators. A person with multiple C2 accounts/id’s?

Yes this is very peculiar - have seen it as well…usually jumping on to a new system with short term record…VERY strange!

I can confirm they are real subscriber(s) as some of them did subscribe to my systems and quickly unsubscribed after two losing trades. Very impatient i guess and needs those returns real fast :wink:

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hahahha:grinning: don’t worry! time will prove everything!

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