Simulated System Available for testing

Many people developing C2-compatible software have requested that we set up a simulated trading system which churns out random orders, all through the day and night, so that you can test various aspects of your software.

We have done this. You can subscribe to the following system for free:

Keep in the mind that the signals generated by this system will be completely random, so do not trade it with real money.

(God forbid that the system out-performs others on the site.)



Is it possible to deactivate signal emails for separate trading systems? I subscribed to this testing-system to develope some software, but I don’t need the signal emails for this system. But I need the signal emails from the other trading systems I’m subscribed to.

What a pity that noone is answering here…

But I have one more question.

At what times is the collective2 api server available?

Its 11:00 GMT and I couldn’t connect to host. throug

Matthew could you give us a clear information about the uptime of your servers. I just have time to develop my software at the weekend so when are the servers available again?

And please also answer to my previous posted question.

Currently the AutoTrade servers are down starting at Friday 11:30 PM, and through Saturday (New York time). But I can understand the need to develop software over the weekend, so let me see if I can make that window a bit smaller, at least for the development server. I’ll try to get that done sometime this weekend so that next weekend will be easier for you.

This feature is currently not available, but its definitely a good suggestion worth putting on the list of to dos.


I just saw this post. What does a subscriber do who wants to trade a Forex system that trades 24/7? With the servers down a planned 15% of the time (1 day a week), this doesn’t support those subscribers and system developers very well. I haven’t traded Forex but am thinking about doing so. Perhaps no trades ever get executed over the weekend?


C2’s forex hours match the hours of our forex broker partners: we allow trading 24 hours per day, but trading stops on Friday nights at 16:00 New York time and resumes at 17:00 New York time on Sunday evening. This matches what almost all retail forex brokers do.


I’d like to subscribe to but I think the option of deactivating email notification is still missing. So is it possible to remove my email address from the email notification list for this C2 Test System manually?