Early exit signals for conservative traders

I have an idea for increasing subscriber confidence and therefore the number of subscriptions.

Subscribers sometimes don’t know if a trading sytem owner holds-off closing-out a losing position because they still hold of the trade, or because they are hoping it will turn back in their favor–and hope to keep a high winning percentage.

I suggest trading system owners should be encouraged to send signals to inform subscribers if they still hold of the trade (if they would still place the trade that day, or not) to protect subscribers and increase trust and therefore subscriptions.

…Perhaps even to track trading systems based on conservative exit points for every system owner who sends such signals.

I have attempted to approximate this idea above (it’s a good one), the only option currently is to broadcast a msg to subscribers (example, system is holding position until end of day, etc.). For those system owners that have predictive models built into their systems this is possible. Any system owners that have built in ‘hope’ as you say, :slight_smile: , or let us say no predictive model then this option would be useless.


(It now occurs to me to consider that C2 must have purely discretionary systems also? Then yes, this additional communication which would be different than the broadcast msg would be valuable.)