Emails are not delivered from Strategy Leader

I started experiencing this issue 3 days ago. Every day I received emails for the subscribers of “Index Futures Trading” strategy to my gmail mailbox, but recently I started to get empty emails with messages from Google, that email delivery was blocked.

Is it just me or others are also experiencing the same?

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Not just you (unfortunately). I’ve received several reports of this and am looking into it. I hope to have a fix ASAP.

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@MatthewKlein Any update on this issue? I reported the same to support last week.

possibly related issue has popped up - I (as a trade leader) am getting same email every 10 minute or so about user unsubscription, after a user unsubscribed.

@Anton-Bobykin Are you still having this issue? Any others?

No, it’s working fine now. Thanks for checking

Thanks. Must be something specific to my Google account.