Ending Our Collaboration with Collective2: Reflecting on Our Experience

After a period of relative activity on Collective2, we have made the decision to conclude our journey on this platform. In this departure, we would like to share our insights about Collective2, recount our track record, and offer our overall perspective.

First and foremost, we believe that Collective2 is a commendable platform. In terms of the product offerings, it provides a remarkable degree of flexibility for both novice and seasoned investors to showcase their true skills or simply share the performance of their portfolios. In our view, Collective2 has the potential to achieve even greater heights. We suggest that with increased investment in marketing efforts, beyond the usual social media channels, they could rival or even surpass platforms like eToro. Despite the regulatory constraints posed by bodies such as the SEC and FINRA, substantial growth is within reach if the management takes strategic steps.

Secondly, we have observed that subscribers, often referred to as “clients,” have high expectations from strategy managers. Having spent a considerable amount of time on this platform with consistent performance, we’ve noted that clients tend to make quick judgments based on just a month or two of performance and have demanding expectations. It’s worth noting that the subscription fees, regardless of whether they are $100 or $200, are relatively modest. It’s essential to recognize that Collective2 is not a hedge fund or a private banking service. Clients are paying for a straightforward product, and with that comes a certain level of quality. While we acknowledge the risks involved in investing, it’s important to consider that these risks are a part of the decision, with potential rewards to match.

Thirdly, Collective2 provides an excellent platform for visibility and an opportunity to generate additional income with minimal effort. You can seamlessly connect your portfolio and showcase your worth. It’s noteworthy that there have been strategy managers who have consistently outperformed the market by significant margins, and yet, criticism persists. In our opinion, individuals who link their strategies to their own portfolios should not be subjected to unwarranted inquiries or skepticism. We, as strategy managers, are invested in our own capital, and our commitment to our portfolios is unwavering. It is crucial for all parties to maintain realistic expectations and refrain from burdening others with unnecessary questions.

In conclusion, we wanted to provide a concise overview of our experience on the platform and acknowledge that we have been a part of it for some time. We have harnessed what Collective2 had to offer, earned income, and importantly, managed to avoid losses even after accounting for all commissions and expenses. Yes, we faced drawdowns, but we take pride in our work and our steadfast adherence to the Terms of Service throughout our tenure.

We extend our gratitude to all who participated, the management team, and fellow strategy managers who have provided an alternative avenue for the “average Joe.” Our strategy will be terminated in the coming days, and it has been a pleasure working alongside you all.

Warm regards,

Our Strategy just to keep track if we return in the future .