Why Collective2 Brokers?

I am very interested to invest my money to someplace reliable. I have two simple questions to ask, and I hope that there are people in the forum to help me to get relevant answers.

1. Why Collective2? I found this website very interesting, and it looks like a lot of money are flowing in the financial market via this website,but I couldn’t find any other websites similar to this one. Why developers? I would rather call brokers are staying here and give out 30 percent of the subscription fee to the website? Could they just leave and start off a new business? It sounds plausible doesn’t it?

2. It kind of relates to the first question; what is the biggest difference between brokers and developers? If we take a look at upper left corner of this website, we could distinctively see two links that lead either system developers and brokers… Are brokers subscribers? … this really really confuses me…

Any help on these questions will be very helpful.

Few notes:

Trading is not investing. But, like with other investments past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Brokers typically do not have real trading ability. At best, they will use a system they purchase. Brokers execute trades and earn commision.

Developers build the trading systems (or "traders")

You can find many systems for sale but Collective2 audits systems in real-time. They are a third-party to verify the results that are claimed.

There are several good systems here but many poor systems. Like on E-bay, you have to be vendor savvy.

C2 is basically a vendor agnostic marketplace helping to be the independent go-between between customers and system developers/vendors/traders.

We, developers/traders, pay C2 a fee so that we can get a verified track-record and the ability to support subscribers.

Hope this makes it clear. Much like e-bay there are many good deals here nd good systems but many poor systems too.

Why collective 2? Well lets make it personal…why one of the Babson systems. Well, You can learn the Andrews methods for about 4K …videos, support group and manual. Or you can have a what some would call hire an expert to trade it for you for a few dollars a day.

Lets say you enjoyed eating very delicious food. Would you rather spend time shopping, preparing and then cooking or for a few dollars a day have all the meals prepared for you and brought to you at the table of your choice…at the same cost of food?

You don’t even have to clear the table.

Hi David -

From your questions, I gather you are fairly new to trading. Here is the honest truth: Trading can be the quickest way to lose all your money. You won’t hear that from brokers or developers or most gurus (who are only trying to sell you something).

Be very cautious, take your time doing research and learning about markets, and don’t fall for the hype.

I’m a good example of how not to start out: 20 years ago, I fell for the hype and lure of easy money supposedly available in trading. Because of that, I lost a TON of money over 10 years or so (money which I could not really afford to lose, mind you). Eventually, I got a lot better. It takes time, though.

Good luck!


Also remember that even the top 0.1% (ETF Timer) C2 system - despite delivering tremendous* results - is largely subject to unwarranted (internet) criticism!

*Even a stellar 2+ yr record - if not truly a long-term edge - will become a passing fancy. (At least that is my perspective as a competitor that plans to ultimately out-perform this top system’s CAGR and Calmar when coupled comparatively with age or for the long-haul).

Yes, I aim high.g


Kevin is right. For the serious money manager - NOT losing (too much) should be goal #1. Of course, during these times, participants may be largely subjective wrt "serious" and "too much".


Speaking of losing there are 2 things that pros look at APD and Drawdown. APD is kind of like a pleasure index anything over .30 and it feels good. When it comes to draw down you need to look under the hood and do a bit more math. Take something like Daily Income (not mine) that one may take about 20K in the account. because it is a day only system.

Starter system requires holding over night. This makes the margin much more. It says that it uses 5-15K margin. This means that you might want to have say 30K in the account. And then what you can do is adjust the profit (cut it in half) and the draw down (cut it in half), in order to get a sense of what is going on. And the APD well thats .32